World Class Speakers:

Unlock de next level in your singing with the best of the best in the world - Success leaves clues and they´ll show you the way!

JUNE 5th-6th










Gerald White

Sight Reading for Singers

Katie Riggs

The Mix: the vocal technique of more than 120 Grammy winners

Mike Goodrich

The Inner Singer

"Achieve the voice of your half the time."

Line Hilton

Mental Resilience

Spencer Welch

Customized Vocal Training

Wendy Parr

Artistic Development

Irene Shams

Stylistic resources to make your own version of a song

Liliana Aracil

Belt in a healthy way

Rafa Barreiros

Vocal Technique Q&A

John Henny

Vocal Science

Veronica Ferreiro

Find Your Voice

Enrique Ramil

Act the Song

Beto Castillo

Vocal Arrangements

Celia Vergara


Sebastian Mellino

Being An Artist: Why And For What


Vocal Procesing

Maximilian Giménez

Vocal Improvisation

Claudia Mellino

Sing, feel, flow...


Being an artist vs versatile singer

Luke Wills

Wim Hof Method

Don´t get sick again.


2:00AM (PST) 4:00AM (MEX) 5:00AM (NYC) 11:0AM (MAD)


2:15AM (PST) 4:15AM (MEX) 5:15AM (NYC) 11:15AM (MAD)


Topic: "Wim Hof Method"

2:45AM (PST) 4:45AM (MEX) 5:45AM (NYC) 11:45AM (MAD)


Topic: "Stylist Resources To Make Your Own Version"

3:30AM (PST) 5:30AM (MEX) 6:30AM (NYC) 12:30PM (MAD)


Topic: "Vocal Improvisation"

4:00AM (PST) 6:00AM (MEX) 7:00AM (NYC) 1:00PM (MAD)


Topic: "Vocal Technique Q&A"

5:00AM (PST) 7:00AM (MEX) 8:00AM (NYC) 2:00PM (MAD)


7:30AM (PST) 9:30AM (MEX) 10:30AM (NYC) 4:30PM (MAD)

Speaker: NORYKKO

Topic: "Being An Artist vs Versatile Singer"

8:00AM (PST) 10:00AM (MEX) 11:00AM (NYC) 5:00PM (MAD)


Topic: "Vocal Procesing"

9:00 AM (PST) 11:00 AM (MEX) 12:00 PM (NYC) 6:00 PM (MAD)


Topic: "Sight Reading For Singers"

10:00AM (PST) 12:00PM (MEX) 1:00PM (NYC) 7:00PM (MAD)


Topic: "The Mix, The Vocal Technique Of More Than 120 Grammy Winners"

10:30AM (PST) 12:30PM (MEX) 1:30PM (NYC) 7:30PM (MAD)


Topic: "Customized Vocal Training"

11:00AM (PST) 1:00PM (MEX) 2:00PM (NYC) 8:00PM (MAD)


Topic: "The Inner Singer: Have The Voice Of Your Dreams...In Half The Time"

11:45AM (PST) 1:45PM (MEX) 2:45PM (NYC) 8:45PM (MAD)


Topic: "Vocal Science"





3:45AM (PST) 5:45AM (MEX) 6:45AM (NYC) 12:45PM (ESP)


4:00AM (PST) 6:00AM (MEX) 7:00AM (NYC) 1:00PM (ESP)


Topic: "Voiceover"

4:30AM (PST) 6:30AM (MEX) 7:30AM (NYC) 1:30PM (ESP)


Topic: "Act The Song"

5:00AM (PST) 7:00AM (MEX) 8:00AM (NYC) 2:00PM (ESP)


7:00AM (PST) 9:00AM (MEX) 10:00AM (NYC) 4:00PM (ESP)


Topic: "Sing, Feel, Flow"

7:30AM (PST) 9:30AM (MEX) 10:30AM (NYC) 4:30PM (ESP)


Topic: "Belt In A Healthy Way"

8:00AM (PST) 10:00AM (MEX) 11:00PM (NYC) 5:00PM (ESP)


Topic: "Being an Artist: Why and For What"

9:00AM (PST) 11:00AM (MEX) 12:00PM (NYC) 6:00PM (ESP)


Topic: "Find Your Voice"

9:30AM (PST) 11:30AM (MEX) 12:30PM (NYC) 6:30PM (ESP)


Topic: "Vocal Arrangements/SOVT"

10:30AM (PST) 12:30PM (MEX) 1:30PM (NYC) 7:30PM (ESP)


Topic: "Mental Resilience"

11:00AM (PST) 1:00PM (MEX) 2:00PM (NYC) 8:00PM (ESP)


Topic: "Artist Development"


Improve your singing with the best strategies and insights that the top singers and performers use TODAY


This year has been hard for ALL. But a lot of singers and performers had been on the bench for a long time. Take this opportunity to learn the tools to get back on track, make changes in your practice, learning and goals and BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

The First Time All These Experts Are in One Event Together


This is your chance to learn from 20 of the world’s most successful vocal coaches and teachers. They’re here with one goal: Help YOU open your wings and rock your singing practice.

Plus have lots of fun! This isn’t just about learning. It’s about BEING a bit better than yesterday. So you’ll get to experience true transformation through  exercises and insights that will help you become the singers you have always wanted to become in 2021.


Two Transformational Days to Change your Singing and Life


One of the best parts about this event is it´s 100% free. When the world opens back up again, an event like this will cost thousands of dollars for you to attend. Join The Platinum Voice Summit for free right now and attend virtually from the comfort of your home.



 Here´s What You´ll Experience Each Day

Vocal Technique

What’s the Best Vocal Training Now

You’ll sit in on vocal coaching and interview sessions with top experts like Line Hilton, Katie Riggs, Gerald White, Mike Goodrich, Spencer Welch, Beto Castillo and several others. You’ll learn about vocal technique, vocal science, mindset and others skills you need to build a rock solid, flexible singing voice and stage presence.


Next Level

World-Class Artistry and Inspiration

The technical part is just one side of singing. The other part is emotion. We’ve brought in some of the top vocal coaches in the world like Wendy Parr, Veronica Ferreiro and Sebastian Mellino among others who will inspire you to get outside your comfort zone, so you BREAKTHROUGH and find your true voice and vocal identity.

Protect Your Instrument

Transformational Well-Being Experiences

The pandemic has shown us how important self-care and well-being is. So to help you, you’ll develop habits and rituals that will keep you healthy and energized.

We’ll have powerful, energizing sessions of Breathwork and even dance! FUN is critical to growing “you” as a human being.


An Awesome

Singing Community

Success isn’t a single-person sport. You succeed far more when you work with others. So to help you thrive in 2021, we’ll help you connect with other people from around the world. Make friends, connect and get support from other like minded people!

Meet Your Vocal Coaches:

Gerald White

Gerald graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance and a Master’s Degree in Jazz and Commercial Music. His voice can be heard on over 200 film and t.v. projects where he has realized his dream of being a session vocalist in Los Angeles.

He currently chairs the Singer Committee at SAG-AFTRA, both local and national, as well as running a vocal studio of 25 years in Santa Monica, CA. Gerald has been certified at the Institute For Vocal Advancement and has developed a continuing passion for helping singers not only realize their dream, but own their instrument and sing with freedom, both technically and emotionally.

Katie Riggs

Considered one of LA’s finest vocal coaches, Katie grew up at the knee of arguably the most distinguished and successful voice teacher in the business, her father Seth Riggs, creator of Speech Level Singing.

Some of her star clientele include:  Dua Lipa, Ezra Koenig, Brian Wilson, Ozzy Osbourne, Saweetie, Midland, Leslie Grace, Madison Beer, Tweet and a host of up and comers!

What attracts many students to Katie is her ability to sing. She sings the technique she teaches and demonstrates exactly how to apply it. It’s this particular skill that gives Katie a unique advantage over most vocal teachers. It allows her to teach others quickly, effectively, with clarity, with authority and a tremendous amount of support.

Mike Goodrich

Michael is the creator of The Inner Singer, a mindful approach to singing and performing that utilizes the latest in neuroscience, voice technique and performance.

Michael has worked with Mike Myers, Dakota Fanning , David Hasselhoff, Andy Garcia, Luke Perry, Tom Bosley, Kerry Washington, Kate Mara, Oscar De La Hoya, Dawn Robinson (En Vogue), Ally Walker, 2 Time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster, and many more. In addition, Michael has worked on projects with MCA, SONY, Reprise, Capitol, Virgin, Gasoline Alley, Talking Loud Records/London, Columbia Pictures, MGM, DreamWorks, Maverick, NBC and VH1.

Line Hilton

Line’s mission is to raise industry standards for vocal, mental and physical health and wellbeing in people who use their voice professionally. As a singing teacher she has worked with a wide range of singers, artists and pro session singers including Andrew Roachford (Cuddly Toy), Sam Brown (Stop), Nate James (MOBO nominee), Anita Wardell (BBC Jazz Best Vocalist), Katy Holmes-Smith (BV singer for Adele, Christina Aguilera, Olly Murs, Kylie Minogue) and singer/songwriter Frances (Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Jess Glynn).

Spencer Welch

After 25 years as a recording artist, studio musician, producer, and vocal coach, Spencer Welch is known for his ability to quickly assess a singer’s challenges, and prescribe solutions that produce healthy, marketable results. Spencer is often called upon to prepare recording artists and actors for studio, concert, theatre, and film work. His clients include Juno Award winners and artists signed to Universal, Interscope, Capitol, and Integrity Hosanna. He has also coached actors like Patrick Warburton, Victor Garber, Mehcad Brooks, and Roan Curtis, working on the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events and Some Assembly Required, as well as The CW’s The Flash andSupergirl.

Wendy Parr

Wendy Parr is a multi-award-winning songwriter, world-renowned vocal coach, vocal producer, speaker, educator, and so much more. Her 20+ years in the music industry have given her the skills and influence to be hailed by many as “the artist´s secret weapon”. Artists´ under her guidance learn to operate from a healthy sense of self with integrity and authenticity. Her thriving career has given her the gift of working with an awe-inspiring list of creatives including Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, Melanie Martinez, Lynn Gunn of PVRIS, Marc E. Bassy, and many more.

Irene Shams

Singer, vocal coach and teacher, director, arranger and composer with more than 35 years of training and 25 years of pedagogical experience. Irene Shams is a pioneer in the vocal technique of mixing in Spain, organizing the first Speech Level Singing courses in Madrid (2006-2007), taught by Miguel Manzo (living in London at the time), when it was an absolutely unknown technique in our country. Musical director, singer, arranger, and composer of the fusion show Muwashahat. His work to disseminate and train dancers from the Arab World stands out.

Liliana Aracil

American mezzo soprano of Argentine origin. He began his musical studies at the Instituto Superior del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1989, he was awarded second prize in the New York “Opera Renaissance Guild” competition. In 1990, he was awarded the Silver Medal from the French Academy of Paris. He does an intense job with actors and singers, working the voice from the body movement, managing to solve serious vocal problems.

Rafa Barreiros

He was the first teacher certified by the Speech Level Singing method in Brazil and is a Vocal Mentor Instructor in IVA - The Institute for Vocal Advancement. He is also an ambassador for this vocal technique in South America. He has worked as a vocal coach/producer/director for artists such as: Marisa Orth, Daniel Boaventura, Rachell Luz, Madame Mim, Mia Bastos, Kéfera, 5 a seco, Juca Chuquer, Pedro Viafora, Léo Bianchini, Triz, Dudu 7, Mia Bastos, Warley santana, João Suplicy, Batista e Bando, Vinicius Calderoni, Tó Brandileone, Geraldo Rodrigues, Titzi Oliveira.

John Henny

With over 25 years of experience, John Henny is regarded as a leading vocal coach in the music industry and as a true teacher of teachers.  John’s techniques not only keep the voice healthy, they also improve the overall sound, help eliminate cracks in the voice and extend the singer’s range allowing the singer to express themselves vocally without limitation. Many of John Henny's students are recording artists and are signed to various music labels such as Interscope, Warner Brothers, RCA, and Universal. Some of his current students are on Broadway in touring productions.

Verónica Ferreiro

Verónica has collaborated as a backup singer and / or dancer with Ana Torroja, David Bisbal, Raphael, Xoel López, Beatriz Luengo, Supersubmarina, Fuel Fandango, Isabel Pantoja, Soraya, Melendi, Gospel Factory, Aurora & The Betrayers, Julian Maeso, Gary Sammuels, John Kelly & Maite Itoiz, Jacobo Calderón ... As Vocal Coach in television programs such as: Specialized Jury of the EUROVISIÓN Festival (2013), “Castilla La Mancha Looks for a Star”, “A Kiss and a Flower”, “I Want to Sing” (Antena3) and 6 editions of “La Voz Kids” (Tele5) working as a vocal consultant in the teams of Malú, Manuel Carrasco, Antonio Orozco, and Melendi.

Enrique Ramil

Winner of the 2020 edition of Tierra de Talento, of Canal Sur. More than 15 years of career distinguish him as a chameleon artist, with a voice that cannot be pigeonholed. His influences range from jazz, gospel and copla to bossa nova and fados. After his triumph in Tierra de Talento, he signed a contract with AGTE Live Entertainment, a company based in the United States, which constitutes a great step in the internationalization of his career.

Beto Castillo

He is a singer, actor, vocal and stage director with more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has ventured into theater, musical theater, dubbing, television and the world of music where he has managed to build a prestigious and quality career. He has written and directed shows for Disney in Puerto Rico, Panama, Brazil and Mexico. The voice of Beto Castillo has given life to several characters. He played Sheer-Khan in Mowgli; Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX, Maui in Moana and Dr. Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Celia Vergara

Singer, speech therapist, vocal coach and composer (with a song performed that was nominated for the Goya Prices) I have numerous collaborations alongside figures of the relevance of Juan Carlos Calderón, Miguel Blanco, Eduardo Leiva, Joaquín Sabina, Eva Gancedo, Miguel Ángel Collado, Miguel Bosé, etc. Graduated in Speech Therapy at the Complutense University of Madrid. Scholarship to study at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. He also took courses at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. I have dubbed several characters from animated films from the Disney factory (Mother in "Vaina", "Mother Gothel", in Tangled, "Meg", in Hercules, "Falli", in Mulan ...), "Queen I Am What You Want ”, In Lego 2. I am lucky to have dubbed the singing voice of the protagonist of the Netflix series Crazy Ex-girlfriend.

Sebas Mellino

He has developed as a musician, music producer, artistic director, and composer. He served as producer, composer and vocal coach of the six albums of the renowned children's series Violetta, broadcast in Latin America, Europe, Israel, the Middle East and Africa and translated into 18 languages. In 2016 he began his work as a producer and composer of the two albums of the youth strip Soy Luna, starring Karol Sevilla. His career has given him the opportunity to work alongside artists such as Ricardo Montaner, Jesse & Joy, Sofía Reyes, Il volo, Vanesa Martin, David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Franco De Vita, Sergio Dalma and Luis Enrique among others. He is currently working with new artists from the Onceloops Records label in a distribution alliance with Warner Music.

Iván Santaflow

From Madrid, ex-member of the group “DESTERRADOS” and founder of the record company MAGNOS ENTERPRISE and of MAS SABOR ESTUDIOS. He, likewise, does not consider himself an MC (within the orthodox term); as it is already dazzled in the DESTERRADOS LP, and the varied mixes of musical genres; decided to take up his solo career.

Maximilian Giménez

Maximilian Giménez is a Spanish singer, songwriter and vocal coach, living in Barcelona, ​​with strong influences from styles such as Soul, R&B and Jazz. After passing through Operación Triunfo 2009, he concentrated on the world of electronics, launching musical projects with various record labels, from Purple Music, Roster, Blanco & Negro, AfriSoul, Matinee, among others.

Luke Wills

Luke Wills a certified instructor in the Wim Hof ​​method. This method leads you to connect with the depth of your anatomy and take control of your autonomic system, such as your immune system. He is going to tell us how through breathing, gradual exposure to cold and stretching, we can strengthen our defenses and increase our resistance to cold.

Claudia Mellino

She is the Director of the Sebastián Mellino Singing Academy and Artistic Coach. Its main mission is to generate. aprocess of continuous improvement in relation to the development and design of educational programs for today´s Artists.

Throughout her career, she has participated in the International Conference on the singing voice at the Institute for Living Voice at the Teatro Colón: She was part of the Casting team for Latin American Idol, Operación Triunfo, Disney Channel, among others. In addition, she was Vocal Coach for Ideas del Sur and for the Disney Channel.


The only woman on the Magnos Enterprise label, her style is a combination of R&B and rap, and her songs alternate the most emotional ballads with the most direct and metrically round rhymes.

In addition to her solo works, she stands out for her song "La Bella y La Bestia" in collaboration with rap artist Porta.

She has a great repertoire of performances in Latin America: Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay,...