I wasn´t born a gifted singer. Everything I can do with my voice today is the result of a long, painful and expensive journey that has given me the blessing of knowledge so I can help other singers to travel their own journey in a faster, more joyful way.


I´ve been fortunate to have studied at well recognized institutions, such as the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and Vocaltech in London.

I was the first Mexican ever to be certified by Seth Riggs to teach the revolutionary technique Speech Level Singing™ (SLS).

I was also the pioneer of this technique in Spain, Argentina and in my native country, Mexico, becoming the number #1 representative in Latin-America.

I´ve been able to work with the best vocal and artistic coaches from all over the world.

In 2013, after 11 years of training in SLS and achieving the highest level within the certification program in Europe and America, I decided to join the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) as a Mentor Teacher (Highest Level).

In 2021, my time with IVA concluded and a new cycle started with two new projects: The Platinum Voice Summit and Level-Up: Master Your Mix.

The Platinum Voice Summit 

It´s an international event with the best vocal coaches and singing teachers from around the world where different topics about the voice are presented: vocal technique, vocal style, vocal science, vocal effects, vocal improvisation, artistic identity, etc…



Together with my partner Katie Riggs, one of the top vocal coaches in Los Angeles we created Level-Up: Master Your Mix, a series of workshops and masterclasses that are centered around the concept of The Mix Voice, the misconceptions, theory, science, and most importantly the song application element. These workshops are taught both online and in person all around the world.

I´m known as The Voice Wizard for my ability and speed to asses a singer´s voice and help them fix their vocal problems.

I don´t want to brag but I have a vast knowledge and experience in the area of vocal pedagogy. I have learned from the best in the world and also developed my own method with the most effective tools that will develop the singer´s potential to the fullest.

I´ve had the pleasure of working as a vocal coach on different TV singing shows such as Operación Triunfo (Star Academy) and La Academia on two different continents. 

I teach 1-on-1 sessions, workshops and group classes. I'm also available to go in-studio for vocal assistance. I work with clients from the music industry online all over the world. I frequently travel to teach in countries such as United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Poland and The United States.

Singing is learned by doing! 


The method that I use conditions the muscles that control the vocal cords, so that singing becomes as easy as speaking, resulting in a powerful and expressive voice without effort or artificial ways that only further complicate the art of singing.

Hundreds of renowned singers, Grammy Award winners, actors and vocal coaches have been using the base of this method for more than half a century, allowing for a successful and long singing career while always maintaining a healthy and balanced voice.


Work With Me

"Miguel has changed my life.  Working with him has taught me how to sing in a healthy and more beautiful way. 

He´s been my teacher for more than 12 years and I can say with 100% honesty that every time I was in a Musical, I have NEVER gone on stage without warming up to one of his lessons. The exercises make your voice stronger so you can sing anything.

Miguel has been there to help me face several challenges singing different styles Classical, Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, etc.

I can´t recommend him enough!


AGUSTÍN ARGÜELLO - Actor and Singer


The Lion King - Zimba (México and Spain)

Les Miserables - Marius (México)


Pablo López

Pablo López